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DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! We are very pleased to welcome comedian Kathy Griffin to MSN Live!
DishDiva says: Kathy, welcome to MSN Live.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I won The Mole!!!!
DishDiva says: Ok, you winner you, let;s get started.
Cantatus in Onstage_1 asks:If you had been the Mole, what would you have done differently than Frederique?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: First of all, I would have looked way hotter. She looks like someone's slightly attractive aunt at this point.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Just kidding. If you're the mole you don't go through the stress but you also can't get out. My fear was that if I was the mole, and I hated it, I wouldn't have an out clause.
adiido in Onstage_1 asks:Hi Kathy, I've been waiting to ask you this for a while now. I was listening to Stephen Baldwin on Howard Stern and something happened between you you wish to divulge?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Yes. Stephen Baldwin is a psycho and tried to choke me. He doesn't like it when a lady sasses back.
AmericanIdol065 in Onstage_1 asks:Who did you think the mole was to start with?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I foolishly thought it was Michael Boatman until the last round. He was the perfect mole, not many people know what his personality was like so he could fool people. I had a preconcieved idea of who was the mole was before we started.
Buckeye699 in Onstage_1 asks:Kathy, you are hotter than Frederique. are you going to do more shows like this? You carried it.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: (laughs) I'm glad you support my heat. I'm probably going to give up reality television for runway modeling. Probably underwear modeling and then right to Versace.
nata04 in Onstage_1 asks:Hi Kathy! I love you so much! You were so funny to watch on the show. Who annoyed THE MOST on the show?? Erik? Stephen? Corbin?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Wow that's a toss up. I think Freddy probably annoyed me the most because she didn't stick up for me when Stephen choked me and as a sister, she should have stuck up for me. They all annoyed me but I loved Ahmad Rashad. I was surprised reading in the
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: message boards how people don't like him. Although I liked Anderson Cooper I enjoyed Ahmad more.
VŕT߆WG in Onstage_1 asks:Hi Kathy, I just wanna say I have been a fan since Suddenly Susan and I think your a hottie! How does it feel to win and what are You doing with the Money?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: It feel great to win and here's why, it's such a victory of the misfits of the world. The final three were two blonde, amazon god freaks. They win all the time but I'm touch and go. The money is going in the bank, I'm not going to get any bling, bling.
Xxboyonfirexx14 in Onstage_1 asks:Did you come into the game with a strategy and if so what was it?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Not even one bling. I may buy a small bond portfolio, that's how crazy I am. (laughs)
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I did. One thing that shocked me was that the other players didn't know the game. I had watched every episode of Mole 1 and 2 so I knew certain things any mole fan would know. I knew not to write everything in the journal because I thought we may have to
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: switch journals. I knew to form a coalition and I knew it would come down to note taking it and for me it came down to time. I smoked them in the time, let's be honest.
JackInMaine1 in Onstage_1 asks:Hey Foxy Kathy...I heard you are killing people with your stand up in LA, any plans to take the show on the road before your new sitcom next season?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: As much as I'd like to say I have a new sitcom next season, I'm only doing a pilot and we'll see if it airs for next season. I do stand up all the time. I do stand-up on the road quite a bit and I dish about "The Mole" in my act. I'll be in Trenton
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: March 4th
MattyKidd4Eva in Onstage_1 asks:Was Corbin Bersen as maniacal as he looked on the show?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Yeah, he's a super freak. In the reunion show he tried to pass of the BS that he didn't care anymore. He is so full of it, he was walking around in a speedo holding his crupled notes grumbling that the mole had to be me or Erik.
Piledriver13 in Onstage_1 asks:What challenge or game was the most difficult for you?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Definitely that damn, It Takes a Thief game. I thought I was going to drown, and I didn't see the money. There I was trying to pick up a 50 lb. bag under water. It's hard to figure out clues when Frederique is yelling in broken Dutch.
Mellie9876 in Onstage_1 asks:Was Erik pretty upset that he didn't win? He looked like he was going to cry!
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: You know, he's an odd guy. I can't figure out if he's smart of retarded. I'm leaning toward retarded. I really formed a strange friendship with him. I was convinced that he won and I went up to him before the runion show and told him that he beat me fair
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: and square and I wasn't going to trash him. When I won I wondered how he would take it and he took it well. Afterwards he talked to me and he ended up with as much money as the mole. Everyone did well.
marlowx15 in Onstage_1 asks:What had Frederique done after Modelling? Anything? Acting? She seemed awfully icy.
blinkboy4 in Onstage_1 asks:I loved your impressions of Frederique.. 'GUYESH GUYESH SLEDGEHAMMER
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Yeah, she's an icy gal. Or as I like to call her an icy man. There was a rumor in the 80's that she was a man, which I think is hillarious, she doesn't but I do. I think she had an underwear line for a while. I think now she just tortures short people.
celebritymole12 in Onstage_1 asks:Kim Coles didn't have a chance to experience the real Kathy Griffin. Do you feel bad for her?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I do feel bad because we hit it off and we talked since the show and I think we would have been friends and also been good coalition partner. In the begining she said she couldn't lie. And I'm thinking I can lie, I can lie all day.
Ulmy17 in Onstage_1 asks:You were a genious in the three questions game. What gave you the idea to put all the answers as Freqerique?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Everyone thinks that was a stratagy, it wasn't, it was laziness. I knew the mole would screw up the three questions at the end so I figured Freddy would mess up the answers so I just figured it wasn't worth figuring out each question, I just put Freddy
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: for each answer.
Canton_Guy1 in Onstage_1 asks:Kathy do you love your job?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I love my job. I have the greatest job. Although there were moments during The Mole I didn't love my job. I turned into a crazy person. We would have a day of the game and a day of interviews. Every day of the game I would go back to the hotel room and
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: cry and say things like, "Stephen Balwin is trying to kill me." But by the next day I'd be back into it. I'm the toughest and wussiest. (laughs)
anniegram4u in Onstage_1 asks:Kathy, you are THEY BEST and made the show with your humor. you didn't really take to heart some ppl on the internet dising you did you?.......they are lame i tell you! lol
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I've been going on the message boards since the show started, "Survivor Sucks," "ABC," and "The Net Betrayal" a bunch of people from North Carolina. There's a guy named Daniel007spy who loathes me from I call him an hornery old coot.
marlowx15 in Onstage_1 asks:Do you think there should be a law limited the number of brothers from a single family in show business?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I think they broke the mold with Stephen. He's not Alec or even Billy on a good day. If we had to go with losing a Balwin to a national disaster I'd go with Stephen.
miamiisnumber1 in Onstage_1 asks:What's next for America's new Lucy?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I do stand up all the time which I love. If you live in the L.A. area I do my show every Thursday at The Laugh Factory on Sunset. I'm doing a pilot for NBC. I co-hosted the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show that I'd like to do again. I also have a dentist
dancing_n_the_rain in Onstage_1 asks:did your incredible knowledge of reality tv help you win?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: appointment, I have a lot going on.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I think my knowledge of The Mole helped me. You have to understand my super obsession with this game. I kept a seperate journal of notes, I charted Erik's and my quizes. I kept insanely copious notes. I would spend two hours a day strategizing with Erik.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I brought all the quizes from Mole 1 & 2 will me that I got off the internet. I would play the game at night and quizing myself and running drills.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I worked the hardest but I definitely lucked out.
zermatt123 in Onstage_1 asks:What did you really think of Erik's impersonation of you?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I thought it was funny. None of us are great inpersonators, but I saw Frederique's impersonation of Balwin was funny in it's ineptitude.
Gandalf548 in Onstage_1 asks:What was the funniest thing on the show, to you?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: There were so many moments. I thought the funniest moments where others looked stupid. I particularly loved when Balwin was doing the On The Line game and trying to empty the bucket of water and dumping it on his head. The aftermath that wasn't shown was
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: the funniest where he was threatening to quit the show. Showing he's not the thrillseaker he claims to be.
celebritymole12 in Onstage_1 asks:If you had to marry one of the contestants, who would it have been?
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: I would marry Ahmad Rashad, but I think I could be happy in a lesbian relationship with Kim Coles.
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: The institution, where they called me crazy, but they were wrong.
DishDiva says: Kathy, thanks for joining us today on MSN Live! Best of luck with that pilot!
DishDiva says: Congratulations on winning "Celebrity Mole Hawaii."
Kathy_Griffin_Live says: Thanks for watching, I love reading the message boards, I love that eveyrone is into this game like I am.