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Photo 1. Bridge in Isfahan over dry river.

Photo 2. Camel meat store. See the camel legs?

Photo 3. Maryam, Ida, Minoo, Mom, Me.

Photo 4. Bird at Persopolis.

Photo 5. Living room of Farmands.

Photos 6-13. Mosques.

Photo 14. Dad feeds ducks.

Photos 15-16. Murals in Tehran.

Photo 17. Ida goes native.

Photo 18. Me and dad in front of a palace.

Photo 19. Maryam, Ida, and me in front of big sawed off legs. For more sawed off legs, see camels legs above (Photo 2).

Photo 20. Goodsy Khanum, Maryam, Minoo, Ida.

Photo 21. Dad, Me, Ida, Maryam, Minoo, Mom.

Photos 22-23. Persopolis.

Photo 24. Iran from the air.

Photo 25. Isfahan square.

Photo 26. Tombs.

Photo 27. House of Farmands.

Photo 28. Ida.

Photo 29. Maryam and Ida.

Photo 30. Palace.

Photo 31. Persopolis.

Photo 32. A family on a Vespa.

Photo 33. Ida, Mina, Jayron.

Photo 34. Cop pretends to arrest baby.